Our New Limited Release Whisky Is Here! 

In the heart of Essex County, where the howls of wolves and the majestic flight of hawks converge, a unique collaboration has given birth to a limited-edition gem that transcends the ordinary. Cooper's Hawk Vineyards and Wolfhead Distillery, two local businesses with a passion for craftsmanship and heritage, have joined forces to craft a spirit that goes beyond the realms of traditional whisky – a spirit that tells a story with every sip.

At the center of this collaboration is the Wolfhead 6-year-old Wheat Whisky, a testament to the dedication and expertise of the artisans at Wolfhead Distillery. But what makes this whisky truly exceptional is its 105-day finishing process in Cooper's Hawk Vineyards' "HeritaGe Wine" Canadian Oak Barrel.

The use of a Canadian Oak Barrel is not just a nod to the rich natural resources of the region; it is a deliberate choice to infuse the spirit with the essence of Essex County's heritage. The oak barrel, with its deep roots in the local landscape, imparts a distinctive character to the whisky, elevating it to new heights of flavor complexity and depth.

Coopers Hawk Vineyards, known for its commitment to innovative grape growing, brings a unique touch to this collaboration with its Harrow Grafted Grapes. These grapes, recipients of awards for their innovation in grape cultivation, add a layer of complexity to the whisky, creating a flavor profile that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The "HeritaGe Wine" Canadian Oak Barrel used in the finishing process is a symbol of the journey this whisky has taken – from the fertile soils where the grapes are cultivated to the seasoned craftsmanship that goes into every Cooper Hawk creation. It's not just a barrel; it's a vessel that encapsulates the essence of Canada's unique blend, a local experience from grape seed to oak barrel.

This collaboration is not just about crafting exceptional spirits; it's about telling a story. With every pour of the Wolfhead 6-year-old Wheat Whisky, you are invited to savor more than just a drink – you are invited to immerse yourself in a narrative of two small businesses coming together to create a whisky that pays homage to the rich heritage and flavors of Essex County.

As you take that first sip, let the notes of the Harrow Grafted Grapes and the nuances of the Canadian Oak Barrel transport you to the heart of Essex County. Close your eyes, and you can almost hear the howls of wolves and the echoes of hawks overhead. This limited release is more than a bottle of whisky; it's a journey through the landscapes, traditions, and innovations that make Essex County truly unique.

So, the next time you find yourself in the presence of the Wolfhead 6-year-old Wheat Whisky, raise your glass to the spirit of collaboration, to the flavors of heritage, and to the craftsmanship that transforms a simple drink into a remarkable story. Cheers to Cooper's Hawk Vineyards and Wolfhead Distillery for crafting a whisky that is as rich in narrative as it is in flavour.




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