Discover River’s End Barrel Aged Gin by Wolfhead Distillery

Born from our fan-favorite River's End Gin, our new Barrel Aged Gin is a meticulously aged creation we've eagerly anticipated for years. This exceptional gin is infused with over 13 different botanicals, capturing and enhancing their flavors through the aging process. The result is a harmonious blend of rich, classic notes and fresh, vibrant botanicals, showcasing our passion and dedication in every sip.

The Unique Charm of Barrel Aged Gin

Barrel aging gin creates a complex character in every flavour presented. The interaction between the gin and the barrel enhances the botanical flavours while introducing new elements. In the case of River’s End, we've captured the essence of our botanicals and enriched them with notes of vanilla, oak, coriander, and subtle spice. The result is a bold flavour profile, brimming with a freshness that appeals to both gin aficionados and newcomers alike.

The Art of Aging Gin

Aging gin in barrels is a meticulous process that requires patience and precision. The gin absorbs the flavours from the barrel, creating a harmonious blend of the original botanicals and the wood’s unique characteristics. This process can soften the spirit, adding depth and complexity. The oak barrels lend a rich, warm undertone that complements the citrus and botanical notes, creating a balanced taste.

Enjoying River’s End Barrel Aged Gin

River’s End Barrel Aged Gin is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks to fully appreciate its intricate flavours. For those who prefer cocktails, it makes a luxurious addition to classic gin cocktails like the Negroni or the French 75. The robust and fresh flavours also pair wonderfully with mixers like tonic or ginger ale, topped with a twist of citrus to enhance its bright notes.

A Limited Release 

This limited release is crafted for those who cherish the finer things in life and savour every drop. The debut of River’s End Barrel Aged Gin marks an exciting milestone for Wolfhead Distillery, and we couldn't be more proud of the outcome.

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