Wolfhead Distillery offers a relaxed yet fantastic dining experience, complemented by a welcoming patio. It's more than just a place for great drinks – it's a spot to enjoy delicious food in a comfortable setting. The casual vibe invites you to savor innovative yet comforting dishes. As the outdoor patio reopens in May, you can enjoy your meal in the fresh air. Whether you're looking for a nice dinner out or a laid-back evening with friends, Wolfhead Distillery offers a perfect blend of casual dining and excellent taste.



"If I could give this place a 10 star I would. The food is absolutely amazing, 5 star dining at bistro prices. We tried the sampler of wolf head products that are absolutely refreshing and top notch. This is a must try. Im positive this place will be on you got to eat here tv show. Please take my advice and try. Our waitress was above and beyond" - Trevor

Drinks were perfect!

"We had a great experience at Wolfhead. Our server was very helpful. He was able to provide good drink and food recommendation with details about each item. Drinks were perfect! Food was also really good. Everything came out hot, fresh, and flavorful. My favorite was the portobello fries!" - Kylie

Great atmosphere

"Took our out of town guest for dinner. We wanted to go to something a little different then the typical bar/sports bar.

Great atmosphere, food and drinks!

The menu of drink options is amazing! We tried a few different ones amongst the table. No complaints, but will need to return to work our way through the list." - Marshall


"Took my wife here today for her birthday. Loved every moment of our experience. The appetizer was amazing, followed by the mains which were great. The service was fast although there was an influx of patrons before we got there. The drinks were also amazing and I did not leave without purchasing a bottle of that Cinnamon Whiskey. The waitress/bartender was very accommodating with excellent customer service.We will be back, and we would recommend for other persons to experience this spot." - Perry


"Amazing, super friendly staff and service always !!! Delicious food and banana vodka" - Kelly


How did you get your start in cooking?  

I started at McDonalds in 1978 as a cook.  I discovered very quickly that I had a natural talent and a real passion for the culinary industry.  When I was younger I would purposely apply to multiple cooking jobs to learn as much as possible.  I wanted to be a sponge and absorb everything!

What is the most important quality in a chef?

Passion! We work 50-70 hours a week of which we are on our feet for almost that entire time taking little to no breaks.  It’s a hard life that is only survivable with passion.  However, the payback is in compliments and making people happy which you cannot put a price on.