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Features: The oldest release to date for Wolfhead Distillery. Made with 100% Ontario Wheat. Finished in Local Cooper's Hawk Red Wine Barrels. 

Collaboration: Cooper's Hawk Vineyards and Wolfhead Distillery
Finishing Process: Aged 105 days in Coopers Hawk Vineyards' "HeritaGe Wine" Canadian Oak Barrel

Limited Release: This whisky is a special and limited edition, making it a unique and exclusive offering.

Grapes: Features Harrow Grafted Grapes from Coopers Hawk Vineyards, recognized for innovation in grape growing.

Barrel Type: "HeritaGe Wine" Canadian Oak Barrel, adding a local touch and rich heritage to the aging process.

Flavour Profile: The whisky boasts a deep and bold flavour profile, shaped by the unique combination of the 6-year aging process and the nuances from the Canadian Oak Barrel.

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